Breaking into Finance turns one!!

As we celebrate the one-year anniversary we thought we’d bring a special edition with the year in review, trends we have been witnessing in the recruiting side of Finance and also announce the Breaking into Finance Guest Series among other novelties for this “second season”.

BIF Milestones

  • April 2020: pre-launch at Columbia Business School
  • May 2020: full website and Individual/Institutional Program launch in May
  • May-December 2020: delivering the Individual Program and starting to fulfil our mission to help people achieve their networking and recruiting goals in Finance
  • Q1 2021
    • Winter-Spring European live tour at ESADE, IESE and LBS
    • The BIF audience surpasses 250 members
  • Q2 2021
    • On the one-year mark, we launch the BIF Guest Series to bring accomplished professionals to share their experience an advice across the Finance industry

Our clients

Since launching, Breaking into Finance has helped clients in Spain, the UK, the US and Latin America. We have invariably seen solid progress in this 2-way “conversation” which is the Individual Program, resulting in big boosts to the respective networks, increased confidence and performance in interview-settings and, most importantly, landing offers from bulge bracket and boutique banks, consultancy firms, asset management firms while, incorporating a systematic approach to networking to their existing academic and professional backgrounds.

Trends since 2020

Since Q1 2020 the World has undergone accelerated and unpredictable changes, but some trends are emerging and consolidating. We are still observing and coping live with them as we advise clients, and will probably come back to write specific articles about them

  • Are Finance jobs going to be remote or do we really need to be in an office
  • An accelerated economic cycle: big bust and now…boom? (as ever, country by country differences)
  • Finance jobs: will technological progress jeopardise a significant part of the jobs in the industry

New this season

Among the novelties for the new year, we are proud to announce the Breaking into Finance Guest Series: we’ll bring accomplished professionals in a wide range of Finance specialisations, from Equity Research, to Hedge Funds, to Private Equity, to Investment Banking, to Sales&Trading and more. We’ll have the chance to go together through our guests’ careers, the challenges and the lessons learnt, and their successes and take-aways for replication. We hope it will bring you additional insights to improve your candidate profile.

We start with a bang with a star in the Equity Research industry: Alex Fries, Head of European Real Estate Equity Research at Credit Suisse. We covered a lot of ground from his transition from the military into Finance, learnings from difficult interviews, tips for becoming more effective at networking and much more. Stay tuned as we’ll soon upload teaser videos, the full interview and announce the following participants.

Alex Fries visited us for the First Episode of BIF Guest Series

Additionally, we’ll bring later in the year a series of seminars that will go through the journey with the student body: from introductory “what’s in Finance and basic recruiting and networking tools” at the beginning of the academic year (September-November), to “interviewing” around the heavy interview season (December-February) to “advanced networking” in the late season recruiting.

So as ever, we recommend that you stay tuned, subscribe to our periodic newsletter and get in touch if you think that either the Individual or Institutional Programs are suitable for you or your institution, or to discuss any of the topics we bring about. In the meantime, happy networking!

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