Breaking into Finance: an all-weather course to get your first or your next job in Finance

Navigating the 2nd year of my MBA at Columbia Business School. The financial and real World as we knew it when I started the program, had changed dramatically. Full time and Summer offers are being cancelled or put on hold; foreign workers find it hard to get sponsored for a visa by financial institutions and all plans to develop a career in Finance seem to be vanishing.

That was 2008 and 2009, but when a similar music started “playing” in March 2020, I could see the rationale of the popular phrase: “history does not repeat, but it rhymes”. The COVID19 crisis, sweeping through the World from East to West, has changed in an unprecedented (a very popular word these days) way.

The similarities of the crises, save for the lock-down part of the current one, gave me the final push to launch Breaking into Finance, the program that compiles 20 years Finance networking and recruiting experience throughout 3 continents, for my own career and coaching other professionals. Because there might be yet another crisis of unknown length and consequences, but one thing is sure: as long as you are standing (and healthy), aware and prepared, you shall find your Finance place.

Breaking into Finance: pre-launching in Columbia

t the end of April, I came back to Columbia Business School to present webinar that summarizes the Breaking into Finance program which, unsurprisingly, is an all-weather course. It is not a used-car salesman pitch, but rather, the simple truth that getting the best job you can get in Finance always requires a similar kind of “gymnastics”, for which you need to do more or less reps depending on how bad or good is the cycle, or how much effort you are ready to put into getting the best you can out of your career.

You can go through the video HERE. In the webinar I went through an overview of the Breaking into Finance 4-module program, with practical ideas on what you can do to improve you candidate profile while you spend extra time at home due to the lock-down:

  1. What’s in Finance for me?
  2. Crafting your story and designing your marketing materials
  3. Guide for an effective networking
  4. Getting through the door: rise and shine in the interview process

Breaking into Finance is now fully online

In May 2020, our website has gone fully online, and I encourage you to learn more about our services, explore the rest of the blog articles with practical tips, subscribe to our bi-weekly newsletter and express your interest in the Individual or Institutional Program , or in the soon to come, online course.

Hoping to hearing from you soon, and to have the privilege of being your coach.

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