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Who is Juan Gómez Vega

Juan was born in Buenos Aires in 1977, where he lived until 2007. He graduated as an Economist from the Universidad de Buenos Aires in 2000, starting in Finance right away, as a Fixed Income and Equities analyst. Between 2003 and 2006 he took a Masters in Finance at UCEMA and completed the CFA program from the CFA Institute.

He started his career in Private Equity in Pegasus Capital in 2004, as the acquisitions analyst for both the corporate and real estate teams, working there until 2007. He moved to New York to study the MBA at Columbia Business School, where he majored in Finance and Real Estate and graduated with honors in 2009, as part of the Beta Gamma Sigma Honour Society; he networked and recruited for internships and full time jobs during the Great Financial Crisis and the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy.

He worked for Och-Ziff and Morgan Stanley during his two years in the US, moving to Europe in 2009. He worked for HAL Investments in The Netherlands, and in 2010 he moved to London where he joined the Real estate team at RREEF (part of Deutsche Bank). Since 2014 he continued his career in Spain and Portugal, first with Grove Investors (now Alpine Grove), later with Lone Star Funds and from 2017 to 2020, as the Chief Capital Markets Officer at Neinor Homes. Between 2016 and 2017, he was the CEO of Vilamoura World, in Algarve, Portugal. In August 2020 he joined Deutsche Finance International to open the Madrid office and head the Southern European investments.

Over the years, Juan has interviewed and recruited finance professionals at Pegasus Capital, Deutsche Bank-RREEF (today DWS), Lone Star, Hudson Advisors and Neinor Homes. He is also a member of the “Ambassador Program” of the Office of Admissions at Columbia Business School. Juan has advised and helped dozens of professionals in advancing their finance career and to get into business schools for the past 15 years.

Up to 2007
Up to 2007
2007 - 2009
New York
2007 - 2009
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London (Pan-European)
2010 - 2014


My experience with Juan and the BIF Individual program has been incredible. By going through the 2 sessions in consecutive weeks, I got the big picture on the Investment Banking world and a tangible action plan to make my way into it. Thanks to his approach, with research on my end directed by him and networking in the way he taught me, I am now sure about what I want to do and how I will achieve when I am at Columbia!

His expertise is an invaluable asset; I am really thankful for having done the Individual Program before starting my MBA. I have gained in confidence and I am really looking forward to go network and recruit in New York; however, till I start at business school, I´ll keep working on the plan we have agreed!!
Current: Corporate Strategy at Ibercaja / Incoming MBA Class of 2022 at Columbia Business School
Past: Dual Degree in Business and Law, University of Zaragoza, Spain
Good advice on how to approach networking not only for your next job but for your entire professional career. A lot of emphasis on this piece was helpful in understanding its importance. Juan's experience networking is a great example of the importance of maintaining a professional network. The specific strategies discussed for my unique situation were helpful in identifying target audience for higher response rates.
The Importance of story and its succinctness is key to introducing yourself and explaining your experience and your transition not only for interviews but also for networking.
Advice on resume was great. It now looks cleaner, easier to read and punchy.
Advice on organization: rolodex spreadsheet, dealsheet and materials provided post session 1 are great. Deal discussion is something I have had trouble with in the past, this will help me organize talking points.
The feedback on the mock interview gives me a better sense of how to structure responses, what to emphasize, what to discard. Also helps in preparing for weaker points. Also raises awareness for questions I might not be expecting: deals in the market, views on the economy etc.
Current: MarshBerry, Investment Banking Analyst – Insurance
Past: New York Bay Capital, Investment Banking Analyst – Latin America
Education: BBA, Finance at UT Austin / CFA Level II candidate
Juan obtained his MBA at Columbia two years ahead of me. Once I graduated in New York, I moved to London and continued my career at Credit Suisse; Juan helped me to hit the ground running, to adapt to a fast-paced international working environment, and to grow my network in a multicultural finance environment in continuous evolution. We have been in permanent contact since then, specially at turning points such as my transition to the buy-side, when Juan shared his experience to help me polish my ´story´, foster my key strengths and point my profile towards the areas where success was most likely. Over the last few years and with both of us based in Madrid, Juan continued guiding me to grow towards managerial roles, sharing and nourishing a local network to spot the right opportunities for me. As a lecturer of the master in finance at UC3M, I usually recommend my students to review Juan´s article on networking published on Columbia Business School´s magazine for them to get ready to access the job market ahead of graduation
Current: CEO at Almagro Capital
Past: Partner at Cleon, investor at Incus and H.I.G. Capital, credit analyst at Credit Suisse and M&A associate at Deloitte Corporate Finance
Education: BSc in Business and MSc in Actuarial Science and Finance at UC3M, MBA at Columbia Business School (2012 class)
We spent a couple years working together at Deutsche Bank. Juan was a few years my senior and participated in the recruiting process that hired me. He was a good mentor while we were team-mates and upon my searching for new job opportunities, he provided valuable advise upon joining Goldman Sachs and later on in my transition to Och-Ziff.  His background and the systematic approach to networking and recruiting, results in very accurate and convenient advice and action plans.
Current: Founder and Managing Director at Beta Boulders
Past: investment professional at Och-Ziff, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank/RREEF and UBS
Education: International Economics and Management at Universita Luigi Bocconi, Masters in Management at London Business School
Juan ran the recruiting process when I joined Hudson Advisors/Lone Star in 2016. We worked together for almost 3 years and he mentored me during this time in Lone Star and the fund´s Portfolio companies Vilamoura World (Portugal) and Neinor Homes. He was a fundamental support in my decision of pursuing an MBA, providing best in class advice along the process, as well as in the networking and recruiting effort since I moved to London. Thanks to his vast experience in Private Equity and Finance, Juan has a deep understanding of the ins and outs of the industry regarding networking, recruiting and best practices. During our time working together, he not only supported me providing very valuable insights, but also saw his providing advice to a number of finance professionals to successfully advance their careers in Spain, the UK and the US
Current: MBA candidate at London Business School (class of 2021)
Past: Investment Professional at Hudson Advisors/Lone Star Funds and Valeo Groupe, Investor Relations Manager at Neinor Homes and Capital Markets Analyst at Savills
Education:  International Business Administration at Universidad Europea-ESCE Paris-University of Liverpool, Masters in Accounting and Finance at Universidad Pontificia Comillas (ICADE)
When Juan and I met, I had been in the process of changing jobs for the better part of a year and was applying for Product Manager roles through traditional routes – recruiters and careers pages – without success. He suggested I change my strategy and focus on networking whilst mentoring me throughout the hiring process. Juan's advice was instrumental and I found a job at a promising start up less than two months later. We are social beings wired to interact with one another, which means that networking is inevitable whether we are good at it or not. The knowledge that Juan has acquired, perfected and collected in this course allowed me to get out there with confidence and be good at it. Juan is a true exponent in the art of networking and the tools he equipped me with transcend finance and apply to all sectors and aspects of life.
Current: Product Manager at
Past: Head of Product at Redi, Associate at K2 Intelligence
Education: BSc International Business at Schiller University, MSc Political Economy at King's College London
I had a great experience with the BIF Individual Program! I found both sessions with Juan very helpful in getting my story together, reviewing my resume and preparing my marketing material. I really liked that both sessions are customizable depending on the needs, in my case I already had experience in the industry, so the focus was different than from someone just breaking in. Juan has a lot of experience as a candidate and as a recruiter, and that showed up when I received a ton of detailed and insightful feedback. He gave me a lot of practical tips that I was able to implement right after the first session. I am very pleased with the service. It exceeded my expectations; I definitely recommend it!
Marco Antonio Ibañez Lopez
Investment Banking Analyst