Alternative audios to the traditional Christmas carols: my favorite podcasts

As that very strange and frequently loathed year drew to an end, we bring this week a Christmas special. As we did in the Summer with a few recommended books, today I share some of my favorite podcasts, as an alternative to the “Christmas song classics” that you have been listening to for the past month. It ends up being related to our usual topics, as many of those I will mention here have finance and investing as their guiding theme, but still a welcome change from the usual discussion about networking, interviewing and finance in general.

Before going to the list, a comment on podcasts: as a fan of time optimisation and exposing myself to learning opportunities, and lacking the time I would like to have to read more books, podcasts (or audiobooks for that matter) fill part of that gap. Be it during commute, during work-out or during a menial house work (ie. I heard Jamie Foxx with Tim Ferriss while preparing 4 dozen empanadas), you can listen to one of your favourite podcast to make use of that time that had the “audio” dimension (or brain engagement dimension) not being used.          

You can go to your application store on your phone or the podcast pages to subscribe and have your gadget let you know and/or download when a new episode becomes available. Warning: don’t get too excited with subscriptions as you may soon find yourself stressed given the backlog of podcasts “to be listened”.

Now, my Top 6 (and some others) podcasts.

  1. The Tim Ferriss’ Show

Podcast webpage

This is my favourite podcast by a big margin. In Tim Ferriss’ own words, his podcast is a weekly space to de-construct World-class performers, from actors, to sport-stars, to journalists, to investors and to entrepreneurs. Tim, who also wrote one of my favourite books (The 4-hour work week), has an impressive intellect and the ability to ask and examine his guests in many different ways so that you learn and can copy from the best, be it their routines, their good habits, the lessons learned from failures, etc. Hard to pick one particular episode but here I go with my top 5 of this amazing show: Tony Robbins (pick one of his many appearances), Jerry Seinfeld, LeBron James, David Yarrow and Jocko Willink (see below his own podcast).

  • The knowledge project

Podcast webpage

Shane Parrish provides another weekly “catch all disciplines” weekly podcasts in which he brings in all sort of top performers, from actors, to doctors, to psychologists and to investors. A particularly thoughtful host, Parrish is very good at re-framing the world into “mental models”. Favorite episodes: Sue Johnson, Howard Marks, Russ Hudson, Bill Ackman and Stephen Scharzman.

Recommendation of my dear friend Alvaro Nuñez

  • Your undivided attention

Podcast webpage

Tristan Harris and Aza Raskin conduct this fantastic podcast which became extremely popular after “The Social Dilemma” (also highly recommendable watch!). Both Harris and Raskin have a successful entrepreneur and big tech background and bring guests and their own insights into the very important debate on how to control technology to avoid it spoiling our lives.

  • The Jocko podcast

Podcast webpage

As defined by Tim Ferriss, Jocko Willink is one of the World’s scariest human beings. A former Navy Seal Officer who served and led the fight for Ramadi in Irak, black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and a physically intimidating human being (all muscle, no fat). Jocko’s podcast is an acquired taste. I believe the natural way to get into it is to read both his books (Extreme Ownership and The Dichotomy of Leadership) and then get into the podcast. Instead, I started listening to his podcast (in what was the first podcast I started listening to regularly), as my good friend Gastón insisted a lot on it. Jocko and his program co-host (Ecko Charles) mostly cover military experiences and “human atrocities” as Jocko likes to say. Overall it is a great place to get leadership lessons and see practical examples of Jocko’s system as presented in his books.

  • Value investing with legends

Podcast webpage

Columbia Business School Professor Tano Santos brings this podcast in which guests are legendary investors, mostly from Graham-Dodd’s (or Buffett) value investing school, but also other successful investors. Great initiative by the solid Value Investing program from my alma mater.

  • Invest like the best

Podcast webpage

Patrick O’Shaughnessy leads this weekly podcast where he brings investors and entrepreneurs across all walks of life, providing a great mix of different ideas and systems to explore business and investment from all possible angles. The author is a successful hedge fund manager and is now also starting a series/podcasts on entrepreneurship, also worth exploring.

 A few others awaiting on my list

Other podcasts worth exploring, recommended by different sources. I don’t write a lot about the following as I haven’t heard enough episodes despite them being downloaded in my phone. Peter Attia’s “The Drive”; “Acquired”; A16Z; Masters of Scale; “Where should we begin” (Esther Perel); “Naval” by Naval Ravikant and “Starting greatness” with Mike Maples J.

Hope you enjoy as much as I do. And happy to hear your comments and your own recommendations to tune my podcast library. Next time we come back with our traditional newsletter and some amazing news, events and more that we have in store for Q1 2021 and the new recruiting season.